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ALT Linux 4.0 Personal Desktop released

ALT Linux releases ALT Linux 4.0 Personal Desktop, an operating system for office and home use that enables you to solve common tasks in a convenient environment. The operating system has a user-friendly installation program and ALTerator, an easy to use tool to setup and manage your ALT Linux desktop. ALT Linux 4.0 Personal Desktop contains office suite that works with ODF files (an ISO standard for office documents) and files in other popular formats. WINE package is also included in order to run Windows applications from ALT Linux. ALT Linux 4.0 Personal Desktop sports Internet applications, tools that deal with vector and raster graphics, multimedia programs, dictionaries and learning programs. For many years, considerable security and robustness are features of ALT Linux products. ALT Linux 4.0 Personal Desktop is also good at support of newest hardware from major vendors and modern data transfer technologies, such as wireless networks. We managed, however, to maintain modest hardware requirements, so most of the new applications can work on existing systems with no or little need to upgrade. It is easy to install ALT Linux 4.0 Personal Desktop as a dual-boot operating system, and you can get used to the new environment without removing your existing one. ALT Linux 4.0 Personal Desktop is available for free download in binary or source packages as well as 4Gb ISO DVD image suitable for burning onto a plain DVD-R. Boxed version of ALT Linux 4.0 Personal Desktop will be available at local retailers since August 30th, 2007. The package includes DVD, a printed installation manual in Russian, copyright notice and technical support for one computer.

Other ALT Linux products include:

ALT Linux 4.0 Desktop Live CD allows to make use of ALT Linux desktop advantages without having to install it onto the hard disk. ALT Linux 4.0 Small Business Desktop includes WINE@Etersoft (Local) software that integrates ALT Linux desktop with popular Russian business applications such as 1C:Enterprise, Garant, Consultant and others. ALT Linux 4.0 Corporate Desktop includes extended technical support for up to five workstations, WINE@Etersoft (Local), and a discount for purchase of WINE@Etersoft (Network or SQL). ALT Linux 4.0 Corporate Desktop is especially useful in heterogeneous networks. ALT Linux 4.0 Desktop Lite is targeted towards older computers with lower memory resources. ALT Linux 4.0 Junior is a distribution for educational use, and includes all applications needed to teach computer science in schools.

About the company

ALT Linux Ltd has been established in 2001 and is now the only Russian, and one of only several in the world, company that implemented full production cycle of development, release, and support of GNU/Linux systems for various purposes. The technical base of ALT Linux development is Sisyphus – one of the biggest free software repositories in the world. Sisyphus melds a unique set of technologies providing means of automated development and building of programs, taking into account their interdependencies. ALT Linux takes care of full production cycle, and so is reasonably independent in technological decisions. Sisyphus is the winner of CNews AWARDS 2007 in “Information security” nomination. ALT Linux clients include Russian ministries and many enterprises, including Vympelcom, Gazpromneft and others.